Leliana Nirshaku, PHD, MD

Mad scientist


Age 38
UPP 79BB99

Energy: 1

  • Str d7
  • Dex d9
  • End d11
  • Int d11
  • Edu d9
  • Soc d9
  • Service: Merchant/Drafted
  • Rank 4th Officer
  • Terms of Service 5

Credits 64,000


  • Mad Scientist – d8
  • “Weapons Afficionado” – d8
  • Exes in All The Wrong Places (like this ship!) – d8
  • Altered Beast d11


  • Woman in a Man’s World


  • Computer – d6
  • Engineering – d6
  • —Jump Drive – d8
  • —Electronics – d6
  • Medical – d10
  • Seafarer – d4
  • Survival – d4
  • Physical Science – d4
  • Space Science – d4
  • Drive – d4
  • Vacc Suit – d4
  • Broker – d4
  • Steward – d4
  • Comms – d4
  • Persuade – d4
  • Animals – d6



Homeworld: Equus

Life Events:

  • Gain 1 skill
  • Love affair ends badly (Josh)
  • Gain a Contact (Chris)
  • Ship Share – 1


Leliana’s Timeline:

  • 1067 – Born on Eques Equitas
  • 1082 – Left Eques Equitas at the age of 14 to go to Rhylanor University
  • 1085 – Graduated Rhylanor University, Drafted into Mercantile Fleet
  • 1091 – Met Partig at Regina Naval Base (She was 26, he was 22) where she was working on drive projects
  • 1093 – Divorced Partig after 2 years, moved to Mirriam Naval Base and met Kern Lystralen
  • 1105 – Left the Merchant fleet to pursue her own projects at the Science Station above Eques Equitas. This did not last long, as Partig poached her with dreams of a mobile Science lab with less rules!

Assuming Josh agrees, the idea that was promulgated by chargen last night is that Char’s character was involved with Josh’s years ago, and he’s had to come to her to get financing to operate the ship (as well as hire her for her engineering talent)
She, in turn, has engaged Chris’ character, a talented broker, who has a lot he can invest
they all know each other from a time in the past when Chris’s character delivered some intelligence info to Josh’s when he was an officer in the Navy, and he was dating Char’s character)

So, instantly, we have PCs romantically entangled, financially entangled, and with a past that includes intelligence work
Let’s see… we can include some NPCs from the intel community, some from the world of speculative trade (both allies who they’ve jointly profited with, and enemies they’ve burned), perhaps some financing folks
And then collide this with a “Planet of the Week” r-map
And see what erupts

New Character
Initial UPP 8ABB89
Enlistment into the Marines failed.
Drafted into the Merchants
Skill added. Medical-1.
Skill added. Engineering-1.
Character re-enlisted.
Term 2. Commissioned to the rank of 4th Officer.
Skill added. Medical-1.
Skill added. Computer-1.
Character re-enlisted.
Skill added. Engineering-1.
Character re-enlisted.
Skill added. Engineering-1.
Character re-enlisted.
Skill added. Medical-1.
Character left service at the age of 38.
Strength reduced by 1 due to ageing (38).
Dexterity reduced by 1 due to ageing (38).
Retirement pension of 4000 per year awarded.
Gun added. Gun Laser Carbine-1.
Muster asset Low Passage added.
Muster, Education increased by 1.
Muster credits 40000.
Muster credits 20000.
Muster asset Low Passage added.
Final UPP 79BB99

Leliana Nirshaku, PHD, MD

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