Ivan Shiuda


Age 37
Homeworld: Ruie
Energy: 5

  • Str d7
  • Dex d8
  • End d8
  • Int d9
  • Edu d5
  • Soc d9


  • A face you can trust. (d8)
  • The right gun for the job. (d8)
  • Tied to the criminal underworld. (d8)


  • Breaking and entering.


  • Ground Vehicle Operations d4
  • Streetwise d8
  • Guns d8
  • Brawling d6
  • Intimidation d6
  • Trader d8
  • Admin d6
  • Bribery d6
  • Smuggling d8


  • Cache of guns d9
  • “Discrete” armour d7
  • Trick containers d7
  • Credit d8



Ivan was born in one of Ruie’s many crowded slums and quickly fell into a life of petty crime in order to survive. Naturally, she quickly found herself in prison after a break in gone wrong.
This turned out to be a bit of a blessing in disguise, as her young age and harmless appearance got her placed in a minimum security facility where she was introduced to a more . . . intellectual class of criminal.
While on the inside she kept her eyes and ears open and, more importantly, she made friends. Friends who were happy to provide some opportunities when she returned to civilian life.
She became an adept facilitator of illegal trade, brokering deals and moving products through Ruie’s political and economic labyrinth, which quickly segued into moving cargo on and off world without dealing with the normal impediments to free commerce, like import/export tariffs, trade embargoes or other meddlesome laws.
These smuggling contacts came in handy when she “accidentally” offended one of Ruie’s many organized crime families and decided that maybe it was best to move her operations offworld for a time . . .

Ivan Shiuda

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