Frontier Trader Lilith

When I'm Gone

[18:50] <mike_holmes> Partig comes to the bay in which Hiirmon is working on his ship, and finds that the big transparent doors are securely locked. Partig can see Hiirmon inside working away oblivious to his presence. There is a standard intercomm at the side of the door.
[18:53] <&partig> Partig presses the intercomm key, but then realizes he’s not sure what he should say. After a couple of seconds he finally says, “Um, hi?”
[18:56] <mike_holmes> A startled Hiirmon looks around, not sure where the voice is coming from. Eventually he spots Partig at the door. He frowns.
[18:57] <&partig> Partig waves through the window.
[18:58] <mike_holmes> Hiirmon face simply becomes more wary. He becomes uncomfortable, not sure what to do. He connects his personal comms to the door, finally, and says. “What do YOU want.”
[18:59] <&partig> “I’d like to come in and talk, if you’re willing.”
[19:02] <mike_holmes> It takes Hiirmon a while, but he finally opens the door.
[19:03] <mike_holmes> “I’d prefer if you didn’t come any closer to the ship,” he says to Partig. His face says, however, that it’s really more his own personal safety that he’s worried about. His eyes stray to Partig’s sword.
[19:04] <&partig> Partig steps into the bay, then closes the door behind himself. Following Hiirmon’s glance, Partig unhooks the sword and places it on the floor. “I’m just here to talk.”
[19:04] <mike_holmes> “So talk. And make it quick. I’m a busy man. I have a race to win,” he says.
[19:05] <&partig> “As it happens, that is why I’m here. You’ve asked me to be quick, so here it is. I want to pilot your ship.”
[19:06] <mike_holmes> “What in all the Marches do you think would possess me to let YOU pilot my ship?” he says rhetorically.
[19:07] <&partig> “Well, for starters, I’m the best pilot in all the Marches. Or near enough to what you’re going to get.”
[19:08] <mike_holmes> “Even if that’s so, why do you think I would trust you?” he says.
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[19:10] <&partig> Partig shrugs. “I don’t recall having done anything to make you think otherwise.”
[19:12] <mike_holmes> “What about back at your ship? The trap you lead me into?” he suggests.
[19:14] <&partig> “Unless you’ve forgotten, I was attacked as well. And that is why I am here. Leliana has finally gone off the deep end.”
[19:15] <mike_holmes> “This… this is some sort of ploy. I don’t know what you’re playing at… but,” he doesn’t seem at all certain of his paraniod claims.
[19:15] <&partig> “I’m not playing at anything. I traded the last of my shares in the Lilith to Marquis Frenzie in order to get the space and parts needed to make the Lilith competitive.”
[19:16] <&partig> “With Leliana as she is, I’ve lost all that. I need some money, and you need a good pilot.”
[19:20] <mike_holmes> Hiirmon thinks for a bit. “Tell you what. You get me the plans for her new design, and you have a deal.”
[19:21] <&partig> Partig shakes his head. “There are no plans, Hiirmon. Why do you think she booby-trapped the terminal like that? She’s cracked, and there’s just nothing to it.”
[19:23] <mike_holmes> Hiirmon’s face lights up like an epiphany. “Ah, I see… I always knew she wasn’t the genius everybody said she was. Well then, I think we have a chance. I accept your offer.”
[19:25] <&partig> Partig nods. “Good. You won’t regret it.” Partig looks up at the ship. “She sure is a beauty.”
[19:28] <mike_holmes> Hiirmon grins an uncertain grin, not sure if Partig is sincere or flattering him. “Thanks. I’m in the middle of some work on her, but we can take her out in a few hours if you like, so you can get familiarized with her handling.”
[19:30] <&partig> Partig returns Hiirmon’s smile more genuinely. “That would be fun. I’m afraid I’m all thumbs when it comes to engineering, so I’ll get out of your way and see you then.”
[19:30] <&partig> Partig keys open the door and picks up his sword.
[19:31] <mike_holmes> Hiirmon nods as he goes, then shakes his head, thinks for a second, and then gets back to work.
[19:31] <mike_holmes> *
[19:31] <mike_holmes> *
[19:44] <leliana> Leliana walks into the engine room in a somewhat fractured state of mind after her chat with Sig. Her temper had cooled quite a bit, but was not gone, especially after how Partig had blown Sig off. But it warred with the glee she felt every time she pictured Hiirmon flying across the room in a stupor (marred by Partig trying to maim himself on her traps) and the sheer opportunity of having the entire skunkworks and its loot open to her (marred by Partig’s guilt trip over his shares)
[19:50] <leliana> She springs lightly around the room as she inventories what she has and the quality of it, what’s worth using and what needs replacing or upgrading to withstand the immense forces that will be arrayed against the relatively miniscule ship while she has this chance, as well as what she needs for the modifications and submits the orders, along with a few cheap random items that were in the false plans she’d shown on screen when Hiirmon had been there.
[19:52] <leliana> that were in the false plans she’d shown on screen when Hiirmon had been there.
[20:00] <leliana> That done, she opens up the access bays to the automated relays and signals them to start on the refittings and additions that will allow her to make the final adjustments – taking out the fake parts that match dimensions if not function, and inserting some of the parts she already has, as well as the critical, but surprisingly simple, last piece of the new design – by hand.
[19:31] <mike_holmes> *
[19:31] <mike_holmes> *
[19:35] <mike_holmes> As Partig returns to the Lilith to pick up his gear to transfer ships, he runs into Abgal coming off the ship. There is a clanking sound coming from around the other end of the ship where Leliana is surely up to something.
[19:36] <mike_holmes> “Hello Partig,” she says. “What orders for today, Captain?”
[19:36] <mike_holmes> She says the last with a slight playfulness in her voice.
[19:38] <&partig> “I’m afraid I don’t have anything for you Abgal. I’m just picking up some clothing and my lucky flight jacket.”
[19:40] <mike_holmes> “Where are you going?” she asks.
[19:42] <&partig> “To Equus, Abgal. There are questions that need answering.”
[19:44] <mike_holmes> “I mean where are you taking your clothes and such?” she asks.
[19:46] <&partig> Partig sighs. “I brought the Lilith to Frenzie in the hope that Leliana could adjust the drive enough to bring us to Equus before anyone knew about it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like that will be happening.”
[19:46] <&partig> “I have made some temporary arrangements on another ship.”
[19:46] <mike_holmes> “You’re leaving thee ship?” she says, unable to fathom it.
[19:48] <&partig> “I don’t see that I have a choice. I need to get to Equus.”
[19:49] <mike_holmes> “So… who will captain the ship then?” she asks. Partig gets the feeling that this sort of change is unprecedented on a Sword Worlder ship.
[19:50] <&partig> “Sigul is… huh.” Partig shrugs. “If Sigul stays sick, I suppose Leliana is in charge.”
[19:50] <&partig> He looks concerned for a moment. “Well, it could be worse. Sekugun could still be around.”
[19:51] <mike_holmes> “So… do I stay with the ship? Or do I go with you?” from her face, her question is all sorts of loaded.
[19:53] <&partig> Partig frowns. “It’s a racing ship, Abgal. Doesn’t really need a security officer. Do you know anything about Imperial drives or navigation?”
[19:55] <mike_holmes> Her face gets contorted, indicating that she feels the question is impertinent.
[19:56] <mike_holmes> “So I’m to stay with the Lilith, then, I take it?”
[19:57] <&partig> Partig replies. “Thats up to you, I suppose. Someone needs to feed my fish.”
[19:58] <mike_holmes> “Feed your fi…” Abgal is on the verge of exploding. “I gave up my life in the Sword Worlds based on the notion that I would have an important job here, guarding an Imperial noble. This means nothing to you, I take it?”
[19:59] <mike_holmes> Again, her face admits that there are deeper reasons that she feels betrayed, besides those she’s putting forth.
[20:02] <&partig> “I don’t know what you want to hear, Abgal. I need to go to Equus and I don’t think you can come along. What should I do?”
[20:03] <mike_holmes> “You should ask me to come along, because you think my LOYALTY is VALUABLE,” she says, standing in his face now.
[20:05] <&partig> “I find your loyalty valuable,” Partig says in a monotone, “and would like you to come along, but I don’t think there is space on the ship.”
[20:07] <mike_holmes> “Then find a BIGGER SHIP,” she says, her nose accidentally bumping his as she tries to be intimidating.
[20:12] <&partig> Partig takes advantage to grab her head and kiss her. Before she has a chance to respond, he breaks away and walks into the ship. “I’m sorry, Abgal.” He says over his shoulder.
[20:18] <mike_holmes> As he walks away, a lightweight comp terminal unit hits him in the back of the head. He hears her growl as she charges at him.
[20:19] <&partig> Partig does his best to avoid her charge.
[20:24] <&partig> Partig jumps towards the ladder leading out of the cargo bay, hoping he can get to it before she’s on him.
[20:36] <&partig> He starts scrambling up the ladder. Half way up, he feels her hit the ladder behind him. He just manages to get through the iris valve between decks and close it before she can follow. Scrambling the lock-code, he continues up to his quarters quickly. It won’t take her long to get to the cargo lift…
[20:43] <leliana> Watching all of this on the monitors which Sekugun helpfully brought up for her upon noticing the scene, Leliana comms Partig. <back>
[20:45] <&partig> <just> He replies, as he starts throwing shirts into a an old Navy sea bag.
[20:47] <leliana> <don’t><i’m> Partig releases the docking clamps on the launch and starts easing it out of the bay.
[21:21] <leliana> <you>
[21:23] <&partig> <what>
[21:26] <leliana> <does>
[21:27] <leliana>
[21:30] <&partig> Partig finishes navigating the launch out the bay, and starts heading towards the other side of the skunkworks.
[21:38] <leliana>
[21:47] <leliana> <no,> Leli watches the robotic array of steel arms, clamps and whip-thin tendrils manipulate the engines with a dexterity and precision she couldn’t match alone. She couldn’t..
[22:14] <&partig>
[22:29] <&partig> <all>
[22:44] <leliana> <hiirmon’s>
[22:49] <&partig> Partig smiles in the emptiness of the launch. Partig keys the autopilot to handle the trip back, and the smile slips off his face.

Sekugun: Personal Log 5
Sea Change

In between the bouts of nausea and dizziness there is a crystaline clarity; a space so profound in its simplicity that just a glimpse of it sends my mind and body reeling.

Whatever has happened, I see no way to undo it. No trace exists to follow. I have been overwritten. I only know this from watching my previous log entries. That person sitting there is not me. The actions and thoughts being relayed are almost alien.

Session 7

Sekugun, still feeling quite unwell from his brush with the sentient AI on the moon base, was called to speak with the Port Authority regarding his part in inciting the Vargr riots on Extolay.

The Port Director, Mwak, was a Bawapakerwa-a-a-awapawab. Sek made a good impression on him and they worked out a deal to have Sekugun pay off his malfeasance with an upgrade to the Imperial systems, with the promise that they would not be used to oppress sentient life.

Leliana Personal Log

The most amazing thing happened yesterday!

Sek, bless his heart, found this experimental weapons chamber down on the moon base on Arond 4C when he was exploring. How could I resist such a treasure trove? Of course I went over to investigate.

It was incredible! 300 millenia old genengineering tech, advanced beyond what I’ve seen before, and still functioning! Of course I figured out how to access it. Was that even a question? I bet Ruick would have been impressed… [a little drawing of a heart]

Sekugun: Personal Log 4

host rem sleep mode


data found

Session 6
Ancient Tango

The crew of the Lilith, having infiltrated the moon base under the guise of visiting scientists, continues to search for anything of value. Artifacts, secrets, classified data, all avenues are explored.

Partig - Repose Scene

Partig watches the last of them, Vasyl, leave the bridge. The door slides shut, but Partig sits in his pilot’s chair, unmoving, until he is sure that none of them will return. He moves to the Navigation console and calls up a hidden, encrypted file with the simple name of “Home”. Opening it, he keys in the Lilith’s current location and makes adjustments to a series of jump calculations combined with minimum refueling and turn around times. Five weeks. Five weeks from Equus. Partig closes the file and stares out at the stars.

Sekugun: Personal Log 3
Plus One and Then Some

While it was a nice diversion, events on Extolay didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. But we’re back at the highport now and I can concentrate my energies on the moon base insertion. After we put this system behind us it’s going to be time to lay low for awhile. I had forgotten how tiring it is to have to constantly keep oneself from being caught doing things that one would rather not be caught doing.

Session 4
A Broadcast - A Search - Payment - A Departure - Employment

Vasyl gets a call from Egenia, who it turns out is not interested a long term monogamous relationship with Sekugun, although this does not stop her from indulging in pet names. She convinces him to use his contacts to get Sekugun’s footage of the plant manager broadcast worldwide. Vasyl sets it up with a guy named Reggu Shimukini and Sekugun sends it over. Needless to say, the authorities are pissed and Reggu hangs Vasyl out to dry. Vasyl gets a call from the police, and bails out in his sweet, sweet autolimo, heading for Egenia’s dorm room. Finding it empty when he gets there, he calls Sekugun to berate him on the quality of his subversive materials. Sekugun, apparently unmoved, tells Vasyl that if he can get to the ship before it leaves, he can probably get a job.

Sekugun: Personal Log 2
Conspiracies and Co-Eds

I forgot one of the primary lessons I learned as an agent. Killing is easy, hiding the bodies not so much. I wasn’t even sure I was going to do it until after he was face down on the floor. Some people just rub you the wrong way, you know?

I did get some useful information out of him beforehand at least. And some useful samples for some cybernetics experimentation afterwards. Waste not want not. Now we just need to get off this rock before the authorities get brought in to search for the missing Mr. Mahkin. Good ol’ Elzi.


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