Startown Suburbs NPCs

Vukmar Family

  • Ragnar Vukmar – husband
  • Aplatain “Apla” Vukmar – wife

Jonesta Family

  • Archis Jonesta – father
  • Iriand Jonesta – daughter, researcher for Ragnar

Andars Family

  • Simad Andars – Husband
  • Alsani Andars – Wife (younger)
  • Markon Andars – Son, researcher for Ragnar
  • Emkin Andars – Son, Star researcher for Ragnar

Other NPCs

  • Matrat Hingarber – Imperial agent. Cover is used-ship dealer
  • Craytan – Imperial Naval officer in Garda’s hot season capitol


  • Vilis – popular sentiment on Vilis is that they are the rightful owners of Garda-Vilis, and that’s that.
  • Peace Force (PF) – the armed police forces that Vilis uses to keep the Tanoosians in line.
  • Tanoosians – the populace of Garda-Vilis. The majority are passively content to live their oppressed lives, and enjoy their berzerker games.
  • Tannose Free League (TFL) – growing group of Tanoosians who want to liberate the planet from Vilisian rule.
  • Sword Worlds – would love to have both Vilis and Garda-Vilis back in their fold after centuries.
  • Zhodani – rumors of their involvement make sense, what with the recent peace summit breakdowns on Frenzie.
  • Federation of Arden – the third leg of the Outworld Coalition (along with the Sword Worlds and the Zhodani) the Federation has been shipping arms into imperial space in this sub-sector.


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