Almost the entire population of Frenzie (with the exception of a few hardy souls that have tiny little enclaves here and there on the surface for scientific purposes or such), lives in the Imperial Subsector Governmental Arcology that looks like:

From here the Count of Vilis runs the Vilis subsector in the name of his leige, Norris, Duke of Regina. The majority of the inhabitants are part of this governmental structure, or support it. The Count holds the planet of Frenzie technically as a Marquisate, but this doesn’t mean much in practice, as there are few people to rule.

(Real Time Feb ‘10)
Crew is invited to party hosted by Marquis Frenzie, count Vilis’ ship smashes into landing pad, intrepid crew saves the day as well as the Chalice of Vilis, earning the Count’s goodwill.

At the party, Count gives them the task fo saving the Duke, who is very, very sick.


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