Equus Nomads

The culture of nomads that roams Equus are very insular, refusing to learn the ways of any outside culture, and being entirely self-sufficient. They have their own language, and few speak any Galanglic. In their tongue they refer to themselves formally as the Dunyacan Aramakilar.

The culture began as a group of settlers from Terra that arrived by sub-light transport early in the interregnum. The settlers were culturally Turkish, and their language still retains considerable similarity to Turkish.

Aramakilar Vocabulary

Adababasi:* “Island-father”. Daghadasi in the reproductive phase.
Albay: Captain of the ship-city.
Aramakilar: “The seekers”. Name applied to the nomad culture. Also Dunyacan Aramakilar.
Assubay: An individual who has participated in a hunt for a daghadasi; an Assubay may speak before the Hukurmet Baslica, but only on matters already before the council. Plural: Assubaylar.
Astegmen: One who has been selected to go out on a hunt but has not yet com- pleted it.
Av: Quarry; term applied to the target of a hunt.
Avarmak: The call to assemble for a hunt.
Baba: Short form of adababasi.
Bakan: Administrative official appointed by the Hukurmet Baslica to oversee some aspect of community government; there are several such officials in a ship-city.
Binbasi: Officer commanding a hunterfoil squadron; normally an Ustsubay of particular note.
Chimearoc: Dangerous flying creature of Equus.
Daghadadede: “Great Daghagasi”. The post-reproductive phase of the daghadasi. Plural: daghadadedes.
Daghadasi: General name of the giant sea creatures of Equus.
Dede: Short form of daghadadede.
Deniz: Sea.
Denizalti: Order to submerge hunterfoils for an undersea attack.
Dindas: “Fellow of the Way”; a nomad who follows traditional nomad ways.
Dunyacan Aramakilar: “Seekers of the World-Soul”; full name of the nomads of Equus, stemming from their philosophical role as part of the interrelated web of life on Equus.
Effendi: A term of honor, applied to leaders and others deserving deference or respect.
Elci: An envoy.
Er: A member of the lowest echelon of nomad society.
Gemici: “Sailor”. A member of the nomad community. Plural: gemicilar.
Halk: “The common people”; a collective reference to members of the community.
Hakim: A doctor.
Hizavli: Nomad name for a hunterfoil.
Hukurmet Baslica: The governmental council of a ship-city.
Iskele: Dock area of a ship-city.
Istiklal: Independence, a concept central to nomad philosophy and life.
Kader: Destiny.
Karkul: “Wage-slave”; epithet applied by nomads to those nomads who work for Seaharvester. Plural: karkular.
Komutan: The senior Binbasi of a hunt; commander.
Konak Salon: Meeting-chamber of the Hukurmet Baslica.
Koramiral: Elected heir to the Oramiral; the Koramiral takes power if the Oramiral is killed or incapacitated, but not if the Oramiral is voted out. Traditionally a member of the Oramiral’s faction.
Mallet: The community.
Muharebe Sayasinde: “War in his shadow”; a daghadasi hunt.
Muserref Oldum: “I have become honored”; formal phrase used upon introduction. Reply is seref bara ait: “the honor belonging to me”.
Muvazene: Balance; nomad concept of living in harmony with nature.
Nazir: An advisor to the Hukurmet Baslica; such individuals include the Albay and the various Bakanlar, plus other respected individuals.
Ogul: A pre-reproductive phase daghadasi.
On Yusbasi: Deputy commander of a hunterfoil squadron.
Oramiral: Elective head of the Hukurmet Baslica; the office is held until the leader loses the confidence of his subordinates.
Saha: The herd followed by a particular ship-city.
Sandal: A boat or small craft.
Sehir: A city.
Sehit: “Martyr of the way”; one who dies in a daghadasi hunt.
Subay: An officer; one who has participated in a daghadasi hunt. Plural: subaylar.
Taaruz: Attack; order to begin an attack run.
Tegmen: A junior officer rank.
Tercuman: An interpreter assigned to visitors to the ship-city; he acts as a combination of guide, bodyguard, and watchdog.
Tugamiral: A member of the Hukurmet Baslica. Plural: Tugamiralar.
Tumamiral: A senior member of the Hukurmet Baslica; the leader of a faction. Plural: Tumamiralar.
Ustegmen: An officer rank.
Ustsubay: An individual credited with a kill or other heroic act on a hunt. Plural: Ustsubaylar.
Yabanci: Foreigner, stranger, or outsider; a term of scorn. Plural: yabancilar.
Yarbay: A ship-captain; rank just below that of Albay.
Yavru: A daghshark.
Yaz Yugizor: The seasonal coriolis storms of Equus.
Yilan: A poisonous eel that lives among the “reefs” lining the underside of a daghadasi.

Equus Nomads

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