Eques Equitas Details

These details are provisional until Char can take a look at them.

Planetary Data


  • Diameter: 6560KM
  • Axial Tilt: 24 Deg
  • Orbital Eccentricity: 0.015
  • Day Length: 10.3 Standard Hours
  • Year Length: .89 Standard Years
  • Planet Density: 0.92 Standard
  • Planet Mass: 0.51 Standard
  • Gravity: .75 Standard
  • Seismic Stress Factor: 0
  • Single Tectonic Plate
  • Notable Volcanoes: 13
  • Terraforming: Terrain

Biosphere Data

  • Surface Atmospheric Pressure: 0.9 ATM
  • Atmospheric Taint: Pollutants
  • Ave Temp: 12 C
  • Weather Control: No
  • Hydrographic Percentage: 4.9% (widely scattered lakes; most suffer from atmospheric taint)
  • Native Life: Yes


  • Population: 60.0 Million


  • 72 Medium-Large Cities (500K ave pop)
    • 7 Primary Cities near 1Million pop, 6 of which have type G spaceports
  • 686 Moderate Cities (50K ave pop)
  • 6431 Small Cities (5K ave pop)
    • All of the above cities have type H spaceports
  • 51356 Very Small Cities (500 ave pop)
  • 882,000 live in tiny settlements



Attitude: Progressive
Action: Indifferent


Attitude: Competitive
Action: Peaceable


Global: Harmonious
Interstellar: Xenophobic

Prominent Customs

Unusual Body Alteration – Females
Live Privately – High Social Class
Marriage Performed by Religious Figures

Minor Religion Profile (based on the Marriage custom)


God View: 4 Dualism (two competing deities)
Spiritual Aim: 2 Worshippers will be saved from an imminent disaster
Devotion Required: 0 Constant Devotion
Structure: 1 Rigid Hierarchy, with all decisions made by central authority
Liturgical Formality: 2 Holy writings only accessible to those of a certain level
Missionary Fervor: 9 Occasional
Number of Adherents: 0 (5 members total)


Representative Authority: Elite Council with Legislative and Executive Powers
Other Authority: Elite Council with Judiciary Powers

Legal Profile


Uniformity: Undivided

Law Levels

Overall: 2
Weapons: 4
Trade: 1
Criminal Law: 0
Civil Law: 0
Personal Freedom: 7

Technology Profile


High Common: A
Low Common: A

Energy: A
Computers/Robotics: B
Communications: 9
Medical: A
Environment: A

Land Transport: 9
Air Transport: A
Water Transport: A
Space Transport: A

Personal Military: 9
Heavy Military: A

Novelty: C (From Equus)

Eques Equitas Details

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