Frontier Trader Lilith

Sekugun: Personal Log 5
Sea Change

In between the bouts of nausea and dizziness there is a crystaline clarity; a space so profound in its simplicity that just a glimpse of it sends my mind and body reeling.

Whatever has happened, I see no way to undo it. No trace exists to follow. I have been overwritten. I only know this from watching my previous log entries. That person sitting there is not me. The actions and thoughts being relayed are almost alien.

Session 7

Sekugun, still feeling quite unwell from his brush with the sentient AI on the moon base, was called to speak with the Port Authority regarding his part in inciting the Vargr riots on Extolay.

The Port Director, Mwak, was a Bawapakerwa-a-a-awapawab. Sek made a good impression on him and they worked out a deal to have Sekugun pay off his malfeasance with an upgrade to the Imperial systems, with the promise that they would not be used to oppress sentient life.

Leliana Personal Log

The most amazing thing happened yesterday!

Sek, bless his heart, found this experimental weapons chamber down on the moon base on Arond 4C when he was exploring. How could I resist such a treasure trove? Of course I went over to investigate.

It was incredible! 300 millenia old genengineering tech, advanced beyond what I’ve seen before, and still functioning! Of course I figured out how to access it. Was that even a question? I bet Ruick would have been impressed… [a little drawing of a heart]

Sekugun: Personal Log 4

host rem sleep mode


data found

Session 6
Ancient Tango

The crew of the Lilith, having infiltrated the moon base under the guise of visiting scientists, continues to search for anything of value. Artifacts, secrets, classified data, all avenues are explored.

Partig - Repose Scene

Partig watches the last of them, Vasyl, leave the bridge. The door slides shut, but Partig sits in his pilot’s chair, unmoving, until he is sure that none of them will return. He moves to the Navigation console and calls up a hidden, encrypted file with the simple name of “Home”. Opening it, he keys in the Lilith’s current location and makes adjustments to a series of jump calculations combined with minimum refueling and turn around times. Five weeks. Five weeks from Equus. Partig closes the file and stares out at the stars.

Sekugun: Personal Log 3
Plus One and Then Some

While it was a nice diversion, events on Extolay didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. But we’re back at the highport now and I can concentrate my energies on the moon base insertion. After we put this system behind us it’s going to be time to lay low for awhile. I had forgotten how tiring it is to have to constantly keep oneself from being caught doing things that one would rather not be caught doing.

Session 4
A Broadcast - A Search - Payment - A Departure - Employment

Vasyl gets a call from Egenia, who it turns out is not interested a long term monogamous relationship with Sekugun, although this does not stop her from indulging in pet names. She convinces him to use his contacts to get Sekugun’s footage of the plant manager broadcast worldwide. Vasyl sets it up with a guy named Reggu Shimukini and Sekugun sends it over. Needless to say, the authorities are pissed and Reggu hangs Vasyl out to dry. Vasyl gets a call from the police, and bails out in his sweet, sweet autolimo, heading for Egenia’s dorm room. Finding it empty when he gets there, he calls Sekugun to berate him on the quality of his subversive materials. Sekugun, apparently unmoved, tells Vasyl that if he can get to the ship before it leaves, he can probably get a job.

Sekugun: Personal Log 2
Conspiracies and Co-Eds

I forgot one of the primary lessons I learned as an agent. Killing is easy, hiding the bodies not so much. I wasn’t even sure I was going to do it until after he was face down on the floor. Some people just rub you the wrong way, you know?

I did get some useful information out of him beforehand at least. And some useful samples for some cybernetics experimentation afterwards. Waste not want not. Now we just need to get off this rock before the authorities get brought in to search for the missing Mr. Mahkin. Good ol’ Elzi.

Session 3
Vargr Blues

The crew continues with training the Vargr on grav truck use. Leliana sympathises with the Vargr plight and poor treatment by the humans on Extolay and befriends a couple of them. She also gets herself embroiled in the workings of Vargr “politics” and promises to not only help sort out some pack squabbles but to help the Vargr, specifically Arvadrav the factory Alpha, build weapons.

While having a meal with Gurvrag, one of her new Vargr friends, and his family she gets a first-hand look at the brutality with which the Vargr are often treated by the humans. A local lawman brutalizes Gurvrag and one of his wives with a stun baton while Leliana watches from hiding.


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