Frontier Trader Lilith

Session 3
Vargr Blues

The crew continues with training the Vargr on grav truck use. Leliana sympathises with the Vargr plight and poor treatment by the humans on Extolay and befriends a couple of them. She also gets herself embroiled in the workings of Vargr “politics” and promises to not only help sort out some pack squabbles but to help the Vargr, specifically Arvadrav the factory Alpha, build weapons.

While having a meal with Gurvrag, one of her new Vargr friends, and his family she gets a first-hand look at the brutality with which the Vargr are often treated by the humans. A local lawman brutalizes Gurvrag and one of his wives with a stun baton while Leliana watches from hiding.

Sekugun: Personal Log 1
From Here to Extolay

Don’t know what scheme the “Marquis” is perpetrating, probably don’t want to know. This ship of his can help me search for what I need for my studies, that’s all that matters at the end of the day. Besides, if it comes down to the bone, I know things about the “Marquis” that I can use to my advantage.

That Leliana, she’s something. Firecracker. Can’t say as I think it’s the best idea ever to have your ex-wife as your ship’s engineer, but considering the “Marquis’” fallen circumstances I guess he didn’t have a hell of a lot of choice in the matter. Nice to have a pretty face onboard anyway. I’d space myself if it was just me and that accountant, Sigul. He’s about as stimulating as recycled air.

Ahh, sounds like we’re coming out of Jump. Hello, Extolay. Let’s see if you hold any secret treasures…

Session 2
Which form do I fill out for Illegal Landings?

The Lilith arrives in system after a perfect and eventless Jump.

The ship is put on standby for landing at the Highport until a berth comes open. Sigul sets to work trying to find buyers for the cargo. Partig takes the ship’s boat and shuttles the passengers to the Highport. Leliana shuttles over to the Highport as well and runs in to an old flame. Drama between Partig and Leliana ensues. Meanwhile, Sekugun sets about searching for information on the local newsnet regarding any recent discussions of the Ancients, and hits the jackpot.

Session 1
Of Money, Memories, and Merchants

Leliana and Sigul meet Partig at the Regina Highport, in the same diner that they had met in all those years ago when Partig and Leliana were a couple and Sigul was an Imperial Scout. After some initial discomfort, old arguments, and general sniping between Leliana and Partig, they all have a drink and make their way to the meeting with Partig’s contact.

Baron Oberlindes lays out his offer and Leliana and Sigul go to inspect the ship while the Baron and Partig discuss some private matters. A few problems of varying degrees are found with the ship, but the price is still too good to refuse. The deal is sealed and Sigul spends the next few days securing cargo and passengers.

Just before take-off the crew is joined by an “old friend” of Partig’s, one Sekugun. Apparently some sort of computer expert. The Frontier Trader Lilith then sets course for Extolay.

The History of the Spinward Marches
Get a sense for the events of the region

In short, the history of the Spinward Marches is one of waves of colonization followed by wars back and forth with the Zhodani Consulate, Vargr, and Sword Worlds Coalitions over the past millenium.

The Zhodani are the most powerful enemy of the Imperium in this region.

Actually somewhat more immediate as a threat are the Vargr, however they are disorganized, and so the threat they present tends to be more in terms of piracy or small-scale incursions (other than when they ally with the Zhodani for a major war).

The Sword Worlds are a violent confederation of humans that present a small, but constant danger.

Further afield, the Darrians are an advanced, and non-threatening race that controls a small group of worlds.


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