Sir Partig Nirshaku, O.E.G.

Ex-Marquis of Equus



  • STR d6
  • END d7
  • DEX d7
  • INT d7
  • EDU d9
  • SS d11


  • Pilot (Starcraft) d12
  • Pilot (Hunterfoil) d10
  • Astrogation d8
  • Admin d8
  • Deception d6
  • Leadership d6
  • Persuade d6
  • Investigate d6
  • Melee(blade) d6
  • Gun Combat d6
  • Vacc suit d4
  • 0-G d4
  • Gunner d4
  • Mechanic d4
  • Computers d4
  • Seafarer d4
  • Advocate d4


  • Disenfranchised Marquis d8
  • Co-opted Spy d8
  • Crazy Ex-wife d8
  • Monster gene d10


  • Starship Shares 6%
  • Folding Sword d6
  • Fancy pants d5
  • Body pistol d3
  • The List d7
  • Mechanized Assisted Piloting Unit d10
  • Credit d7


  • Missing Sister d8

Energy: 3

Galizu Nirshaku – My sister
Belim Muxilant – The man after my sister
Kern Lystralen – Leliana’s Ex
Silmo – Believes Partig is a God. May know where Galizu is.
Commander Jurkeen – Might know what happened to Partig on Djinni.
Ianzu Nirshaku – Partig’s uncle (Father’s younger brother)
Nadaam Nirshaku – Partig’s Cousin, Marquis of Equus


Nagato Indrachan is the Marine Captain detailed to Admiral kiigidaga

Partig was born the third child of Kreeg Nirshaku, the hereditary Marquis of Equus. Born much later than his elder brother and sister, Partig joined the Navy rather than hang around court as a useless dandy. There, his talents as a pilot earned him quick promotion and recognition. He was eventually transferred to a special operations division of the Navy that handled odd jobs not handled by the regular chain of command. It was on one of these missions that he became acquainted with Sekundu and it was on that same mission that their ship crashed, stranding Partig and Sekundu on a planet for a time. At some point, Partig’s back was broken and his nerves damaged. While they were eventually rescued and Partig was hospitalized, Partig has no memory of the crash or what occurred subsequently. Navy medics were able to repair some of the damage to Partig’s nervous system but the damage was severe enough that to this day he is unable to exert more force than a child. Still able to fly, Partig was cleared for active duty but before he could return to his unit word was received that his father had passed away.

With Partig’s brother dead and his sister missing, the was assumed to pass on to Partig. He mustered out of the Navy and returned to Equus to take up his duties. Acting in the best traditions of his father, Partig worked hard to to keep Equus balanced on the interstellar stage, frequently traveling to other worlds to represent the planet. Partig was on one of these trips when he received the news that the Emperor had decreed that Partig had never been confirmed in his position of Marquis and the title instead was given to a cadet branch of the family. Partig, devastated by this news, has not returned to Equus since.

Character image by koinogenki on deviantart.

Sir Partig Nirshaku, O.E.G.

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