Frontier Trader Lilith

Session 7


Sekugun, still feeling quite unwell from his brush with the sentient AI on the moon base, was called to speak with the Port Authority regarding his part in inciting the Vargr riots on Extolay.

The Port Director, Mwak, was a Bawapakerwa-a-a-awapawab. Sek made a good impression on him and they worked out a deal to have Sekugun pay off his malfeasance with an upgrade to the Imperial systems, with the promise that they would not be used to oppress sentient life.

Vasyl schmoozed an odd passenger, Dr. Uttornschlug, who had booked a passenger berth without even knowing his destination. He claimed he was retired and just wanted to see the world. Vas showed him his autobar.

Later, Sekugun approached Vasyl with a request to redecorate his quarters with a holo of the blue salts of Yori, its two moons full in the sky. In exchange, Sekugun agreed to upgrade ALYS, the AI of Vasyl’s posh grav limo – modeled after the only woman he’d ever loved.

Meanwhile, Leliana convinced the Very Good Doctor Ruick to help her re-engineer her DNA into something a bit more stable. With their extraordinary intelligences combined, they were able to devise a method for her to actually control the change, at least well enough to stop her from shifting into a vargr or hybrid against her will.

Yet later, Sekugun got the report on the excellent profits from the sale of the artifacts. There is trouble on the moon base, but none of the people at the facility are willing to admit what they were doing there, and have not pursued legal recourse against the crew. However, the crew decide it is best to leave the system rapidly.



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