Frontier Trader Lilith

Session 6

Ancient Tango

The crew of the Lilith, having infiltrated the moon base under the guise of visiting scientists, continues to search for anything of value. Artifacts, secrets, classified data, all avenues are explored.

When all is said and done, Sigul and Vasyl have collected a cache of Ancient artifacts, Sekugun has had his mind infiltrated by an Ancient “computer” avatar, and Leliana has unleashed a genetically unstable monstrosity which injures her and wreaks much havoc before completely breaking down into protoplasm. Partig manages to put himself in the wrong place at the wrong time then pilots the Lilith away from the moon base once the rest of the crew scrambles aboard.

It is also discovered that Mirkiin, Partig’s cousin who is doing secret research on the base, and Zahan are the same individual. Mirkiin had apparently been experimenting on himself and managed to harness the Ancient mutagens in a way that enabled him to become much more physically powerful, as well as altering his appearance. But seeing as how Leliana shot him through the head with her laser rifle it seems that Mirkiin’s efforts were for naught.

Back onboard the Lilith, Leliana succumbs to the effects of the mutagen that has seeped into her wound and through the power of her scientific knowledge manages to avoid mutating into a Vargyr or possibly even complete genetic breakdown.

All that remains is to offload the artifacts, refuel, and make for a Jump point.



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