Frontier Trader Lilith

Session 4

A Broadcast - A Search - Payment - A Departure - Employment

Vasyl gets a call from Egenia, who it turns out is not interested a long term monogamous relationship with Sekugun, although this does not stop her from indulging in pet names. She convinces him to use his contacts to get Sekugun’s footage of the plant manager broadcast worldwide. Vasyl sets it up with a guy named Reggu Shimukini and Sekugun sends it over. Needless to say, the authorities are pissed and Reggu hangs Vasyl out to dry. Vasyl gets a call from the police, and bails out in his sweet, sweet autolimo, heading for Egenia’s dorm room. Finding it empty when he gets there, he calls Sekugun to berate him on the quality of his subversive materials. Sekugun, apparently unmoved, tells Vasyl that if he can get to the ship before it leaves, he can probably get a job.

Partig emerges from his cabin having done what seems like two weeks of paperwork at about the time Sigul finishes up the training. The terms of the contract fulfilled, there is one hitch that must be resolved before the crew gets paid: The plant manager has gone missing!* Partig institutes a search of the ship, where the manager’s aide swears he went. Finding no sign of the manager on the ship’s cameras, Sigul attempts to get the aide to pay up anyway. Sekugun quickly edits together some damning footage tying the absent manager to the Vargyr Rights Movement and funnels it through Vasyl to Reggu. The plant, eager to wash their hands of the whole affair, immediately wires over the remainder of the fee. Sigul fetches Leliana in the ship’s boat just in time to get the ship started up. Partig kicks Egenia off the ship and although Sekugun accompanies her to the door it doesn’t look like they’re destined to true love.

Back in the Upper Port, Partig signs Vasyl on as Navigator, leaving the details of employment to Sigul as usual. Sigul resolves to beef up the internal security of the ship.

*See Session 3



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