Frontier Trader Lilith

Sekugun: Personal Log 5

Sea Change

In between the bouts of nausea and dizziness there is a crystaline clarity; a space so profound in its simplicity that just a glimpse of it sends my mind and body reeling.

Whatever has happened, I see no way to undo it. No trace exists to follow. I have been overwritten. I only know this from watching my previous log entries. That person sitting there is not me. The actions and thoughts being relayed are almost alien.

The birthing pains are still evident. I still sleep constantly, and when I’m not asleep I feel much less than well physically. But I know this will pass. I can feel my body adjusting, the cybernetic and biological attuning themselves to a degree that was impossible before.

I joined the crew of this ship in order to find Ancient technology with which I could perhaps one day engineer advanced cybernetics. It looks like I got more than I bargained for this time.

Mission Complete.



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