Frontier Trader Lilith

Leliana Personal Log


The most amazing thing happened yesterday!

Sek, bless his heart, found this experimental weapons chamber down on the moon base on Arond 4C when he was exploring. How could I resist such a treasure trove? Of course I went over to investigate.

It was incredible! 300 millenia old genengineering tech, advanced beyond what I’ve seen before, and still functioning! Of course I figured out how to access it. Was that even a question? I bet Ruick would have been impressed… [a little drawing of a heart]

Where was I? Oh yes.

So I figured out how the interface worked, and despite the damage to it, I was able to decant several vials of the superconducting liquid inside. Should be useful to increase the output of a few lasers if I can separate the mutagen from it! Then again, mutagens are incredibly useful too.

Hmmm.. Anyway, the system wasn’t quite able to compensate for the loss of liquid, but I was going to open that tube anyway. It’s just a shame it’s broken now! Oh well, they probably won’t let me back on the planet to study it more. I swear, some people!

The Vargr in the chamber was still alive! I could hardly believe it! It seemed at least somewhat intelligent, and accepted some food, but then the mutagen did something to him and his skeleton did the most disturbingly interesting thing – it rearranged itself, and his muscle and body structure changed into a human shape! The change agent in him must have been extremely powerful! I bet that was his original human body before he was mutated.

Unfortunately this apparently caused the Vargr great pain, and it lashed out blindly. Turns out his claws are still very sharp! My shoulder still aches, but that might just be from the mutagen…

Anyway, then Sek started shooting the poor thing. I should have brought a Tranq gun… but how was I to know there would be a living remnant of the original Vargr experiments on this moon base? Poor thing couldn’t control the mutation and at one point he was half human, half vargr, like the old tales of werewolves from Sol. What an ability! If only he could control it… Maybe a few modifications would do it. I should definitely talk to Ruick about this!

Oh he’ll be interested to know about Mirkiin’s controlled mutation as well. It made him significantly larger and stronger. Extremely useful! In addition to the obvious, it made an excellent disguise as well. Who would have thought he and Zahan were the same person? Probably more socially acceptable than the wolf transformation too… hmm. Oh well. It’s a shame I had to shoot Zahan/Mirkiin in the head. He /was/ trying to kill Partig after all. At least his blood samples should be useful!

In fact, they already were!

It’s a good thing I did all that research, videoing and sample-taking, or I might have been killed by that mutagen in my shoulder wound. I experienced first-hand (ha ha!) the human-vargr transformation! It felt very odd, aside from the pain. I could feel everything finding its new state of being, arranging things perfectly into the vulpine state of the Vargr. It was a fascinating experience, though I did have to work quickly to keep it contained to the one arm. Maybe some other day I’ll go through the entire process, but it would have been too difficult to take notes while unprepared. Oh, and I’ll need a method of controlling it so I can revert to human form.

I did manage to get my arm back to human, of course. And my leg too. Partig even donated some of his blood to me. He can be such a sweetheart when he’s not being a raging asshole! Even with the info from Sek’s database and from the tablet Party found, I couldn’t quite eradicate the change agent from my blood. But then again, why would I want to do that? I have it stablilized, and so few scientists get to study things this personally!

All this excitement has made me quite tired. I think it’s time for a nice long nap.

Signing off Dr. Leliana Nirshaku, PHD, MD



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